If one is looking for a particular provider on the Internet, you can rely on the services of a web catalog. For those bargain hunters, there are now even directories that have focused on remaining stock. Here you can easily browse the various categories according to Remnants. For all sorts of products can be found in these directories related vendors in the network. But of course there are such lists not only for remaining stock. Other web directories list the websites for specific categories, zip codes and industries. These are general web directories are all sorts of businesses and service providers to be found. The dentist to shop for fishing rods, almost everything can be found in the directories. The most famous part of this kind are the Yellow Pages of the Internet, Go Yellow. At Go Yellow are listed in the Yellow Pages but how many companies and firms that do not have a website. Thus one is looking for a Web page in Go Yellow is not necessarily looking for. In addition there are the bestBut still lots of other address lists that have only listed sites. The catalogs have a huge advantage over general search engines: Ideally, they are only relevant pages in the tender. At Google or Yahoo pages for every possible search term entered is displayed. We must itself first from the thousands of pages the perfect pick. A web catalog can either be browsed through different categories or through a search. Thus we find, at best, without much ado, the best website. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have an equivalent Google ranking, it’s worth the entry into such a web directory. It can help the operator of a website to more customers and thus ultimately to a higher turnover. If you are looking certain vendors in his city or region, for example, is the provider meinestadt.de good hands. On this page you can do a lot more traders are looking to find in his city and. Whether it’s remnants, a particular firm or a particularProduct search the catalogs can help in cases of search. However, there is in the engines, as in other areas, differences in the quality and quantity. Therefore, the search for a suitable directory is not always easy. Seolin GmbH Daniel Keppler