Anyone who wants to succeed in catching fish in the fjords of Norway, should focus on the tides, the daily ebb and flow, are based. Ask your house-owner after a tide calendar or a tide table. Pass from one to the other flood twelve and a half hours in which the heated oxygen-poor water with fresh oxygen-rich and nutrient-enriched water is exchanged. This food supply attracts small fish, which in turn larger predators such as: Khler, pollack, cod follow, ling, tusk fish, catfish and halibut. Approximately two hours before the Hchstwasserstand if the water starts to calm down, chasing the robbers after the prey fish. Now you should be with the boat and fishing equipment for fishing on the water. These good and stable fishing equipment is important. Current charts and a fish finder should) (sounder are also missing while fishing in Norway is not. Now, just choose between using a chart or with a fishfinder one of the numerous underwater mountains. A good agencyis then found, for example, if an underwater mountain rising from 200 meters depth to 80 – 30 meters. At these edges demolition prefers to keep the small fish, so that the big predators are not far away. Fishing on the first side facing away from the sun, as the robbers often from the shadows to attack in order to not be seen immediately. Fish not only on the ground, but also in water resources. Especially Kohler hunt at all depths. The best times of day to fish successfully in the morning and evening twilight. It is important that you find back in the dark with the boat back to your cabin.