Minoan fresco of two young practicing boxing gloves found on the island of Santorini (seventeenth century BC).
Fighting with fists as spectacle and competition is one of the oldest sports in the world. The powers of boxing have been practiced since the age Antig on all continents except for America.
Its origin is African and dates back to 6000 a. C., in the area of the current Ethiopia, which was distributed to the first ancient Egyptian civilization, and shape your bust then Mesopotamian civilizations, where bas-boxers dating from 5500 a year C.. way to the Egyptian civilization developed in Minoan Crete, while expanded from Mesopotamia to India.
Pugiles the Egyptians used a kind of glove covering the fist up to the elbow. The practice of using gloves is also in Crete and then in ancient Greece, where there are references to boxing in The Iliad of Homer in the century VIII a. C.:
Anfora pugilisticos grounds around the year 500 BC.
Tight two contenders, breast enhancer were in the midst of the circus, lifted robust hands acometieronse and sturdy arms intertwined. Creak in a horrible jaws and sweat sprang from all members. The divine Epeo, lashing, gave a blow on the cheek of his rival, who spy and Eurialo not followed up over time, because its beautiful members falter. As, creped the breath of the sea to Boreas, a fish jumps on the shore populated algae and is covered in black waves followed Eurialo well, to receive the blow, took a leap backward. your bustline But the Magnanimous Epeo, cogiendole hands, raised him rodearonle fellow and took him away from the circus’ dragged his feet, spat blood and the black head is tilted to one side ‘sentaronle between them vanished, and were collect the cup double.
The Iliad, Canto 23, v. 676
Boxer of Quirinal. Bronze sculpture of the Hellenistic period (first century BC). Note bandages on the left hand of the boxer Terme. (Museum of Rome).
In 688 a. C. boxing was included in the Olympic Games of the XXIII antig age pygme name or pygmachia (Greek fight punos “PYG” fist bar and “mahi” fight), which is enshrined as the first Olympic champion in boxing Onomastos Smirne. In Greece, pugiles trained with sandbags and used korykos called a leather strap called himantes, which covered the hands and wrists, and sometimes in the forearm, while leaving the fingers free. In the fourth century a. C. himantes the spahiras evolved to become, first and then in gloves, called oxeis himantes .
Boxing was also charged in the early days of ancient Rome, but was virtually eliminated as activity across Europe with the arrival of Christianity. Contrary to what happened in Europe, boxing had a great spread across Asia . mold your using the bar It is estimated that at the beginning of the Christian era, appeared on Muay Boran or ancient boxing in Southeast Asia.
Chinese breast enlarger boxing. Painting in the Shaolin Monastery.
Legendary, has been attributed to Bodhidharma, patriarch Buddhist and Hindu monk who lived in the V century, the creation of the Chinese boxing or Shaolin boxing (Shao-Lin-Chuan), because of their appearance in the Shaolin monastery, though modern Chinese history have seriously questioned the veracity of the legend, and have found evidence of the existence of boxing in China, before the expansion of Buddhism. The final form of boxing Saholin were created by Chueh-Yuan, Yu-Feng Pai-and Li-Ch ‘ing, probably during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). In the Shao Lin Chuan, the practice of boxing is closely related to the control of qi or chi, an internal energy that is attributed to people Live:
Withoutthe Chi, no force. A boxer who shout and throw your hand fiercely, has no real power in his coup. A true boxer is not spectacular, but his fist is heavy as a mountain. That’s because it owns Chi. After a long practice, the Chi can be focused on every point of attack you want. The will send andalusia Chi, which can be placed on any item instantly.
Chueh-Yuan .
On the thirteenth century appears Thai boxing, or muay thai in Siam, who became a professional sport in the seventeenth century. Since its inception the muay thai is practical in a square bordered by a rope on the floor. On 17 March 1774 the Thai boxer Nai Khanomtom defeated ten Burmese champions, a feat for which he was awarded the breasts title of Father of Muay Thai.
In the seventeenth century, coinciding with the expansion in Asia of the British Empire and France, boxing income to England, where he would receive the name of boxing boxing or English, while in Marseille, sailors influenced by Southeast Asian boxing began to shape the Savate boxing or French .

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