A person who does not perform physical activity in general does not have a firm and toned muscles, but that is why you can look a little thin casing that protrudes or falls on your middle. The same goes for those who have reduced the percentage of body fat after passing through a controlled diet. In both cases it is best to start and maintain over time a routine efforts to tighten the abdominal muscles to keep strong and solid. Barcelona has an extensive network of sports facilities, both public and private, for the practice of citizens. abs According to data from the Barcelona City Council there are 300,000 people paid to these facilities, representing 20 percent of the population. According to these data, Barcelona, after Boston (USA), the city with the highest number of practitioners of sport in the world in proportion to its population .==== public facilities Barcelonans ==== Of the 300,000 subscribers sports equipment, 180,000 are subscribers of municipal public facilities, representing 12 percent of the population of Barcelona. The city has a network of 131 municipal sports facilities, adding the sports, soccer fields, swimming pools, etcetera. Of these 131, 42 are credited with sports equipment. These facilities often have an indirect management model, under which the facility is municipally owned but privately managed, by an entity or non-profit club. The public sports exceeding 4,000 subscribers are: sweat * Piscinas Sant Sebastia (Ciutat Vella). Managed by the Swimming Club Atletic Barceloneta. Exercise time, time to those inches 12,519 subscribers. * Sports Complex Bac de Roda (Sant Marti). Managed by FCB. 12,194 subscribers. * Sports Complex Les Corts (Les Corts). Managed by Europolis. 11,362 subscribers. * Polisportiu Sagrada Familia (Eixample). Fundacio Claror managed. 9919 abonados.and # 160 * Polisportiu Perill (Gracia). UBAE managed. 9761 abonados.and # 160, and # 160; Claror Esportiu * (Gracia). Fundacio Claror managed. 9579 subscribers. * body Industrial Polisportiu Espanya (Sants-Montjuic). 8904 abonados.and # 160 * Poliesportiu Europolis Gracia (Gracia). Managed by Europolis. 7977 abonados.and # 160 * Can Caralleu Sports Complex (Sarria-Sant Gervasi). Fundacio Claror managed. 7519 .* Poliesportiu subscribers Claret (Grace). 14,876 subscribers. Bernat Picornell Pool * (Sants-Montjuic). 7842 subscribers. * Sports Complex Can fitness Drago (Nou Barris). UBAE managed. 6654 subscribers. * Poliesportiu Maritim (Ciutat Vella). Fundacio Claror managed. 6450 abonados.and # 160 * Polisportiu Aiguajoc (Eixample). UBAE managed. 5206 abonados.and # 160, and # 160, and # 160 * Sports Complex Pau Negre-Can All (Grace). CN managed Catalunya.4.943 subscribers. * Polisportiu Estacio del Nord (Eixample). UFEC managed. 4242 abonados.and # 160 * Polisportiu Joan Miro (Eixample). 4114 abonados.and # 160 * Hall-Guinardo Torrent Melis (Guinardo-Horta). 4017 subscribers. * Baseball Camp “Carlos Perez de Rozas – (Sants-Montjuic) Total off or occasional users of the municipal workout sports facilities amounting to more than 700,000 people a year, according to data from the City Council. ==== ==== Private facilities Apart from the extensive network of public facilities, Barcelona has a wide variety of private sports centers, which are 120,000 subscribers to 300,000 subscribers Barcelonans sport. In addition to the facilities of sports clubs mentioned in previous chapters include the premises of the clubs [fitness DIR], which has 13 centers in the city, totaling more than 80,000 subscribers. Also include the sports facilities at the University of Barcelona, and sports centers like Bonasport, Metropolitan, O2,Arsenal, Iradier, Club workout out Esportiu Mediterranean, and the franchise chains such as Holmes Place fitness European or First.Ademas of Fitness gyms Private and sports, Barcelona has other facilities for sports like Bowling Pedralbes, where you can play bowling, track skating ice skating and the Palau de Gel FC Barcelona, and the Golf Montjuic, where can practice Pitchandamp; putt.

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