Username: Yankee003 Jihan Jihan Carlos Contreras Carlos Restituyo Restituyo Contreras is a personal trainer and fitness born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on 28 August 1983. Restituyo Jihan was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. From very young she was struck by the physical exercises and sports. Inspired by his older brother start doing weightlifting and after several years began his career as a general trainer and sports coach after obtaining certification as strength coach Poliquin Performance Center. He has studied with the best teachers both at home and internationally, including Juan Carlos Simo, Tony Parra, Ted Carlson, Franchesco Geremia, Edison Contreras and Master Coach Charles Poliquin.Today it offers its services in one of the studios most successful personal training and getting exclusive Dominican Republic and to change the lives of many people who constantly let themselves be guided by its recommendations and assistance, including doctors, teachers, businessmen and athletes.