The first three Panzer divisions were formed on Oct. 15, 1935 The model for their creation served as existed in the British Army from 1927 experimental tank units. 1-Panzer Division was formed in Weimar, 2-I – in Wurzburg, the third – at the landfill Wunsdorf of Berlin (which is why it became the emblem of Berlin's heraldic bear). Each of the three divisions had before it a tank brigade, a motorized infantry brigade, as well as support units and services. Tank Brigade consisted of two regiments of two battalions of the four-company commander in each composition. Since the company has 32 light tanks (PzKpfw I and PzKpfw II), respectively, then the team consisted of 561 tank (including the command vehicle). In a motorized infantry brigade consisted of mechanized infantry regiment of two battalions and a battalion of motorcyclists. In addition, a tank brigade consisted of an artillery regiment, armed with 24 105-mm howitzers and antitank artillery battalion, armed with which there were 37-mm anti-tank guns; Battalion (consisting of three companies), which began its existence with the company, but quickly grew quantitatively, turned into a larger unit, a reconnaissance battalion, before the company of armored vehicles and motorcycles; Signal Battalion, part of the supply chain..