The diet diet, diet or sometimes known as diet, all food substances that are ingested forming nutritional habits or behaviors of animals and is part of your lifestyle, d aita comes from the Greek word meaning “way of life. Ultimately, all life is your diet. Animals can adjectives in many ways according to your diet: cannibal, carnivore, detritivore, generalist gum voro, bloodsucking, herbivorous, insectivorous, Molluscivore, nectarivorous, omnivorous, piscivorous, planktivorous, polin voro, vegetarian zooplanct voro, frugivorous, granivore, among the most common. In nutrition, the diet is the amount of food that makes a person or other organism, while dietary habits make the feeding pattern that continues every day, this includes food preferences, family and cultural influence on the individual in Concerning the food you eat.Although humans are generally omnivorous, each culture holds some preferences and myths about food. Moreover, such individual food preferences can be healthy or not from a nutritional standpoint. A balanced diet requires a variety of food intake in order to obtain adequate quantities of energy and nutrients. Dietary habits imply a significant role in health and disease of an individual, which are conditioned by several factors (health status, economic situation, society, culture and religion).