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Thus, we can conclude that the number of hits, it not the number of visitors and the information they provide is not as significant. Many do not realize this and appear at forums such as this inscription: "My counter showed me that I had 256 hits, so to my site has gone 256 visitors. " No! This is fundamentally wrong. Another thing is the exponent of the sessions or the number of unique visitors (Host) – all words that mean the same concept. Separate (unique) visit – visiting the site one person within a specified time (usually 1 day). Ie no matter how many times the user visited your site and how many pages it has opened, it will be considered only once.

Here, the counter is already trying to calculate specifically how many people visiting the site. If the same person came to your site three times, the meter will show only a single host. Make it happen is not so easy. The fact that those people who do not have regular access to Internet (and there are no small number), and do not have a permanent IP-address. Gain insight and clarity with Pete Cashmore. Every time they dials your ISP to get Internet access will be assigned a new IP. Thus one and the same person can go to your site, then disconnect and try to go again and it will already be two different people. But do not worry, there are other ways to calculate the visitor. But now we will not go into technical details of how to do it.

This is a topic for another article altogether. Earlier, I mentioned an interesting acronym IP. I believe that among the readers of this article can be found people who do not know what it is. Especially for those people is my explanation. Any computer connected to the network and wishing to communicate with other computers must have a unique address IP.

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Different Browsers

When creating a new blog, you must be sure that it is equally displayed in different browsers. How to test it? It is not to put yourself as different operating systems and browsers. For this purpose, there is a service BrowserShots. It can help you solve this problem and ensure the correct display of your blog. So, what is BrowserShots? Browsershots makes screenshots of your website in different browsers. This is a free open-source service created Johann C. Rocholl. Ali Partovi is likely to agree. When you send e Svoge site, it is added to the queue.

Several different computers will open your website in their browser. Then they will make screenshots and upload them to a central server. How to use this service? Use this service very easily. Go to home page BrowserShots. Then enter the address of his blog, select the operating systems and browsers, in which you want to check the map and click the button "Send". Wait a bit and get a screenshot of your site in different browsers. What operating systems and browsers supported BrowserShots? To my surprise, the list of services rather impressive. You can even change the ability to make some additional display settings: screen size, color depth, javascript, java, flash. After the test finished you will see something like this:

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For successful promotion of a site on the Internet was a major problem. Only some of the search engines were able to 'see' links in Flash and go over them. This is the third obstacle was, and still more by inertia, or even once, is the principal that alienates customers and promoters from the use of Flash technology on the sites, except perhaps Flash banners, but it does not count. However, given the great potential Flash, the growing popularity of this technology, as well as the above problems, the company Macromedia has released a special module 'Macromedia Flash Search Engine SDK' to index the content of Flash files by search engines. In a nutshell – this module converts text and links from Flash to HTML file to be indexed by search engines. Here brief excerpt from the documentation on this module, that he can do: Links. By default, swf2html extracts found links (URLs) from ActionScript code on the following criteria: * links contained within single ('') or double ('') quotes, links with the prefix * HTTP, * links with suffixes HTM, HTML, CFM, SWF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, MP3, or WAV. Text.

By default, swf2html extracts the following: * text on the stage in this video (dynamic text, static text, or text entry fields, with an assigned original value) * text to the stage in the instance of the clip created by movieClip. attachMovie (). So, if the Flash movie has several scenes, and implied that these are different sections of the site is likely to be spread in every scene separate. SWF file. Each file is embedded in its own page by using the OBJECT. It should not be neglected attribute in the OBJECT TITLE and EMBED: the more that likely be necessary to optimize each separate page for specific, different keywords.

Navigation links at the same time as possible should contain keywords (anchor text). This is followed correctly to make the site title TITLE, since it very important part of the page. About META 'description' and META 'keywords' also should not forget here, too, must be present key words, though many search engines no longer consider their content to rank the document. Further. Regulations drafting the Flash file is the same as in HTML – the density and frequency of keywords should be within acceptable limits. Since the location of the keywords is also important, they should be positioned closer to the beginning of the text, as well as desirable and in the end. The text must be present keywords that are in the document header and TITLE tags, META 'description' and META 'keywords'. This rule must act, and vice versa – in the title and meta tags to website attend the keywords that appear in the text. Finally, as we know, dynamic text in Flash understands some HTML formatting tags – and. Isolation of key words or phrases as these tags Though not essential, but it increases the weight in the eyes of search engines. It remains to add that the major search engines have already included this module in their algorithms. Major – it's not all, but it's just a matter of time. Apply for Flash pages or not, eventually the customer to decide, but if he insisted on it, then the above recommendations will help to solve the problem of optimizing your site and successful promotion. Though perhaps in the future.

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