Many of the ladies, from the very beginning of do a very common mistake in their relationship with a man. They begin to torment your mind questions such as: how to force me to marry my boyfriend? How to force my boyfriend marry me? All you have to do is make changes in their own golden head! You need to change the thinking so that you do not, but your man is tormented by such dilemmas like: How can I sell on its marry me? How do I, so she agreed to marry me? Not hard is not it? In most cases, this is enough! As you know, that guy gets an infinite labor, often little appreciated! Much nicer if your male believes that he alone had decided to marry. In this case, you will surely get more of tenderness and caring man in the family! And certainly, you will get rid of the accusations by type: Nasty, you're forced tricked me to marry you! aaaa, girl, you're using his guile innocent dragged me into a trap! You nasty, I stomped towards the sunset. If you liked that written in this short article, then read the text below. The first method is to force you to marry the guy. That the described method gave a result, you will need to change your outlook! I will not advise you to do next commonplace saying, do so, that guy was very good, but on the drive in itself.

No! You need to be more independent, quick thinking, a mysterious and far more narcissistic! Be yourself! You should not do "everything" is hardly gives you much-needed results. If you like what's happening, then all is well! Nor think to belittle their dignity, think first about their personality and if your man thoughtful! This method gives the lady both inside and very much solid comfort, a strong will, fierce man's attention, and much more! True, maybe if a guy is narcissistic creature, only think about their comfort, he can leave from you. However, in this case do not bang your head against the wall! In the world there is a sea of good men who can evaluate your personality appreciated! By the way, I would advise you to evaluate a psychological test that can to answer such a question as to whom I marry? . The second way – Active. This method is ideal for those who live in different houses with their boyfriend. Tell your boyfriend that your house is in full force and effect repair (flowed drain, you attacked the cockroaches), and you may stay for a week in his apartment.

The bug is clear that the man well, not like you can not refuse. You have to be for this time to make sure that he came to the conclusion that life without you just uncomfortable! Will need a week to sweat. Every single day of lick to a mirror finish him forever dirty, a bachelor living space. At dinner, a man of your excellent delicacies of the way, is quite realistic to ask make your mother, and sly ladies such food generally bought a house in the restaurant. Wear a sexy underwear, and in bed, behave like an angry, but affectionate cat!

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