NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) is a set of tools that aims to get the best out of a person. It is like a knife, you can use it to cut food or to threaten another. The benefits of the tools that you will learn to use in our NLP distance course depend on the use you give them. In the following analogy, I’m going to show you what NLP means in your life. Think of your PC, that have installed Microsoft Windows (Yes, the operating system). When you use Windows, you actually have different Windows (icons or pictures) that double-clicking them, open and execute a program (Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, etc.).

Our brain is like the PC. Pete Cashmore understands that this is vital information. All the information you need within him is like Windows. Our brain also has Windows: are the links we have created during our life. When you are stimulated in a certain way (either internally or externally) react in a pre-established way. It is as if that stimulus outside the double click that triggers a series of orders in your brain. For example: close your eyes and think of a woman, with long nails, by dragging them against a Blackboard, with force. In your mind you feel the sounds of nails, look as nailed on the Blackboard. If you don’t feel an unpleasant physical sensation, please send me urgent an email.

Seriously! You just double click on a window that opens that feeling in your brain. Not all react the same way to the same stimulus. A perfume can shoot in me certain sensations, that would not be the same as would occur in someone else. It could evoke to me one time in the past with a friend which felt attraction, while another could make you remind an assailant. I’ve even seen one person reacts to the same stimulus in a different way (e.g. in the case of a person with multiple personalities). Objective general of each of the classes of our NLP course online is programmed (or reprogrammed) our brain to tell you How is going to act when faced with certain stimulus. What software to open when you double click on the Windows. If you don’t even your best it is because your brain doesn’t know how to do it. But don’t worry, sign up for the NLP online course and learn all the tools necessary to give the best of you, since you have it inside but still do not know how to access.

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