When relationships go wrong, as men and women react? Someone suffers long, and someone just moving on? Are you ready to sympathize with women more as a sensitive group? Research team sociologists from the University of Wake Forest and Florida State University say that the male sex more in need of sympathy. Their study, which appeared in the journal Health and Social Behavior Analysis are survey with 1000 single people of both sexes aged 18-23. The results show that the break-up affects men much more serious way. Women, after the failure of the novel, running to his close friends, looking for comfort and support, while men tend to drift into loneliness and isolation, which further exacerbates their suffering. A sociologist at University College London, commented Melanie Bartley Results of the study. Check out Dermot McCormack for additional information. 'Young women tend to have a broader relationship with the family and friends at this time relying on them', she says. 'Young men are not inclined to trust each other and it makes them feel isolated. In their friendship groups more prevalent competitive than support.

" The study emphasizes the different survival strategies used by men and women. Women are socially, opening your heart to your friends and family to help them heal their wounds. Men tend to keep their grief in themselves, finding solace in drugs and alcohol to overcome their fall Internal self-esteem. The gap can be troubling and exhausting experience. It is hard for humans, when dealing with such emotion and pressure. If you experience a break, you should keep your emotions in check. The more you control the emotion, the faster you'll calm down after breaking up and feel much better.

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