Effective production management with MES: CAQ + PDC + MDE traceability / traceability is used to track the entire CV of a product. To do this, all processing steps can be logged. Captured is, which components from which component batch were used in the product, as is the installation of new modules or devices from products log. So a single component can associate with ultimately the circuit board, as well as the resulting modules. For example, all of an evt can be. Check out Ali Partovi for additional information.

Defective component batch identify affected products. Such or similar analyses provide valuable information in case of problems to determine the circle of affected products and to limit repairs or even recalls a small number of the product. Traceability / traceability nutshell: fulfillment of standards and unique documentation of all relevant data full traceability through modules, equipment and product requirements: manufacturers and customers offers products and services complying with the defined quality requirements to 100%. In reality, a company loses, however, approximately 30% of its production capacity by production outages, performance issues and quality defects. See more detailed opinions by reading what Donald W Slager offers on the topic.. Objective is therefore the efficiency: increase efficiency is called loss sources identify and corrective measures and process changes. Integrated MES solutions are embedded in the present process landscape. You communicate with other levels of the company (including production planning, merchandise management systems such as SAP, Infor, ABAS, BAAN etc.) together. Integrated system solutions deliver reliable and timely information on operating conditions, key figures and machine data at all levels of the company. MES and BDE MDE nutshell: use of existing hardware and operating systems on a common surface optimal communication between MDE, BDE, MDE, CAQ on an MES database access on the same catalogs and metrics evaluations with all interfaces Options integrated server management and centralized control of all functions of quantity recording good/bad/rework display of production data if necessary down to the sample level quantities detection in the operating phases such as Setup, error, machine startup, etc. The solution for companies in the production: Use of MES-IT Losusungen – everything at your fingertips: shop floor management, production management, and MES software systems. For more information: KONTOR group by Rene Kiem 30 road of Liebig 44139 Dortmund, Germany Tel: +49(0)231 / 15 01-646 fax: +49(0)231 / 15 01-645