Innovative application such as the AirDisc iOS app, the mobile file manager for iPhone and iPad, enable the synchronize of private & Professional files on the Apple iPhone and iPad. Mobile people want flexibility and thus also fast, secure access to their private and professional files, irrespective of location, time and equipment. Many therefore already now access with their Smartphone to private and company data, mobile to work with these, or file sharing to operate. This trend is rapidly growing! Applications which realize the synchronization of files on the Smartphone used for it. The new AirDisc app on the iPhone and iPad provides this service without VPN or DYNDNS, and offers the user as a file manager in the future, in addition to the own private cloud and mobile hard disk, the use of various cloud systems. Read more from Peter Asaro to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The convincing concept of AirDisc app this closes the gap between the data in the local network or in the Office and the Smartphone of user. It also offers an innovative approach of the data Synchronization without VPN or DynDNS. Instead of other providers to save the data in the cloud and the user to allocate a limited amount of paid space in the cloud, the data of the user retained continue locally.

The user needs to share of its data no upload start and cede the sovereignty of the file to a different service provider, but for these releases only on your own computer to access. A volume – limiting the available mobile data does not exist. After installing the free server software for Windows and Mac from the website and download of the app in the iTunes app store, settles down to the user about the comfortable server software in its connection and releases its data. Further, the normal tariff cost of mobile telephony, not costs for the use of the service. Users of this app is to thus all file formats such as E.g.

iWorks files, Office files, PDF, pictures, graphics, text files, MP3, AVI, etc., anywhere able from its location-based computer on his mobile device take advantage of. The integration of many external apps helps the users mobile to make complex edits on his documents. A simple installation and optimized user experience with high data security through password protection, the AirDisc app represents an excellent alternative to cloud systems. Also, the service is operating system-independent, Java technology has been in the programming of the server software. However, the statement of the developer, already on an extension of the app to work, which should in the future provide access to the data in various cloud systems such as E.g. Apple’s iCloud or the Amazon Cloud drive remains exciting. This would allow a compelling alternative to services like dropbox, which thus serious competition would receive the AirDisc app users. Contact person for this notification: Meik Bocking (Managing Director / CEO) App1 GmbH – Wilnsdorf on the Marie Grove 27 57234 Wilnsdorf HRB No. 9511 No. 342/5835/6191 that 2011 was APP1 company owner Gunther Arndt founded and is for innovative solutions in the field of mobile app development. The company on the design and development of Android and iPhone apps, as well as on management and marketing is specialized after completion.