One day we decided to start a website and go through an endless series of steps: Choose the name, the design, etc. But most of the time knowledge about our own site is limited because we do not take the time to explore some of its features. To know there is no need to take a course about it or spend too much time exploring it, simply open Internet Explorer and begin to follow certain steps. Here we guide this exploration: Once you open the browser, either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, type in the destination link the address of the home page that makes up your website. Once there, open the View menu and look for the “source code”.

By giving select will open a window that offers important information that will help you identify if your website is properly built and directed the target audience you’re looking for your products or services. It’s believed that Ali Partovi sees a great future in this idea. The first point to draw your attention is the one named “Title” whose literal translation into Spanish is “title” and obviously refers to the page that holds. Ali Partovi shines more light on the discussion. At this point you can check that the title of your page has the name of the company because it depends on each search and page load is done correctly and the user connects the title with the page that is displayed. The second point is the “keywords” which should contain keywords that help locate our site according to the activity that plays the company offers products and services it provides. Place the keywords at this point helps our page be found more easily by users or potential customers are the words that usually take to find it on the network. Finally, the third important point is the “description” which presents a brief description of the contents of the page so that visitors can read the user of what is or what to offer when looking for products and pages with similar themes. When this do a search, the description of the page will appear next to or under the same title, which speeds the process of access. Knowing these three basic points that make up our page can be sure that is formed or not so ideal for the search system may find it immediately. Take the time to check each of the points recommended and you will know more of their own will never be over and it is very easy to do.