Box Log Falls, Lamington National Park, Queensland, Australia
Jungle refers usually to a dense forest in a warm climate, such as the rainforest. About 6 of the surface of the Earth contiental is classified as jungle. these are vital to the ecosystems on Earth are kept as we know it today. About 57 of all species living in such environments.
The word “jungle” is one that comes from the Sanskrit Anglicism””(jangala desert). In many languages of the Indian subcontinent, including Indian English, is generally used to refer to any wilderness, without care or uncultivated, including landscapes of forest, scrub (vegetation), or desert. Sometimes an urban environment can be called a jungle, in the sense of “cement jungle” or “concrete” referring to the buildings.
The term should still be used in a technical context to describe the forest biome and tropical forest, a forest characterized by extensive biodiversity and densely populated, including weeds, saplings, vines and lianas, and herbaceous plants. As a forest biome, the jungles are also present in both warm climatic zones, and are associated with preclimax phases of the jungle. For this reason, the jungle should be distinguished from the rainforest, which grows in other tropical trees, as well as in the jungle, the trees must survive seeking sunlight (which is not present due to the thick vegetation). Therefore, the jungle is sometimes located on the edges of the real jungle, where human activity may be increased as much more sunlight is available.
Not all regions called jungles can qualify as forests, because most of the tropical forest regions of northern Thailand or southern China in Guangdong. Scientifically, these are monsoon forests or tropical deciduous forests, but forests.
Upton Sinclair The Jungle was the title of his book on the lives of workers in the corrals of Chicago, to insinuate that they were being ruthlessly exploited.
To a greater degree of controversy, Ehud Barak – before Prime Minister and currently Minister of Defense – compare Israel as a village in the jungle. Opponents of the Israeli Peace Movement accused Barak of comparing the neighbors of the Israelites (specifically the Palestinians) with “or wild beasts, with whom there is no possibility to communicate, move closer, to publicize or reconciled”
The term “law of the jungle” was also originally used in this type of context in the novel The Jungle Book (The Jungle Book) by Rudyard Kipling – where animal and human society are altercations between them.

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Presidents’ Day will be wet. A new storm is scheduled to enter the area and is expected to decline from about one inch-and-a-half rain today and Tuesday, according to Accu Weather.
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The New Jersey Forest Fire Service information burned several thousand acres of forest from Friday to Monday, as part of a prescribed burn to protect against forest fires by reducing the potential fuel.
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Although the College Station has seen rain in recent days, Steven Quiring, a professor in the Department of Geography, said 88 percent of the state is abnormally dry conditions, and 18 percent in an extreme or exceptional drought.
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The Texas Forest Service, a First responders fire school for space volunteerr firefighters in Brownwood Friday.