The financial debacle began in June 1999 when a lack of liquidity Dina is forced to sell MCII Asset Management Holdings USA and helped to reduce its debt by 74 Asset Management (according to official figures DINA), its liabilities were derived directly the economic crisis of December 1994.
On October 22, 1999 entered the Mexican market for Sterling Trucks Freightliner LLC (a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler) with such force that snatches a share of the market and Navistar DINA, and financial problems.
On 7 February 2000 the strike out the National Union of Independent Workers of the Automotive Industry, Similar and Related whose request would be an increase of 24 of direct wage increase, when the company could only offer 13 more 2 in benefits. Concluding three days after the acceptance of 13 increase.
On June 9, after the stock moves to reassess its actions in the United States enters stoppage on July 14 and announced the failure of payment for 6.5 million dollars in respect of a debt of 35 million youtube expiring in 2000 NEW L and another 206.5 million dollars due to expire in 2002. The cause of failure was lack of liquidity caused Children’s Hospital by high levels of inventory and few sales.
On July 20, 2000 Western Star Trucks was purchased by Freightliner, the reaction was to review contracts with DINA in October 1999 that contemplated the assembly of trucks HTQ (few units were produced) to return to market trucks in the North American market . On August 20 the same year, as restructuring measures of the aggravated situation DINA makes changes to sales managers. On September 28 Western Star Trucks decided to cancel the contract unilaterally with DINA and only 700 units were manufactured for sale in North America. Workers from the company again began a strike on October 6, 2000 extended until March 6, 2001, demanding 40 wage increase despite the knowledge of the bad situation of the company. Ernst On October 28 DINA claim for breach of contract to Western Star Trucks to the International Chamber of Commerce by 110 million and 31 FOX news January 2001 announcement of cuts 6 of its workforce, followed by a 40 investment of layoffs in April 2001.
One of the last vehicle produced by DINA
In February 2001 it was clear the technical bankruptcy of insolvency by DINA Motors to pay their creditors. On September 11, 2001 closed its last factory in Ciudad Sahagun Hidalgo in the state because of a severe financial crisis by passing caused by strikes by unions and unilateral breach of contract on the part of Western Star Trucks, now subsidiary of Freightliner LLC and this in turn DaimlerChrysler.
Following the refusal of the Fox federal government of Mexico to DINA finance estatizar you do with sugar and to reorganize the company, the state government of Hidalgo by Manuel Angel Nunez Soto, took over the company’s assets, liquidating a its over 1000 workers in 2002.

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Nortel Networks Corp. has won approval to pay senior managers millions in retention bonuses as part interview of a plan to key personnel of the flight for the company if they is protected under court restructuring. There is however a legal battle is looming.
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