Materialism as a cultural fetish of violence (the techno-environmental determinism).
Javier Florez Miranda.
This essay is a critique of the theories of anthropology: cultural materialism. Specifically to his thesis of social violence based on environmental determinism, genetic, technological and psychoanalytic. In contrast, the author takes up the Marxist theory of social violence, based on historical analysis as a political explanation for hedge funds this phenomenon. Rate this theory fetishist, because of its tendency to funds explain social behavior, through a metaphor of the behavior of nature and technology to master.
Cultural materialism, cultural anthropology, social violence.
‘We are the first to declare that we do not believe in determinism of genes, they will not dictate the culture and history, we have discussed on several occasions. We previously postulated that such genes are manipulated by the story, segregated and distributed by them, valued and privileged in the same way as humans are. We believe with Claude Levi-Strauss, that culture determines the races, and not vice versa ‘
Emilio Yunis Turbay.
The mechanical reduction NYSE of the laws of social life to those in biology (ecology, ethology) is the main characteristics of the material culture, especially as it has to do with the explanation of the phenomenon of social violence. Andalusia overlap in order to study the biological anthropology, cultural materialism, it also reduces a system of relations to another, ie, reduces the social relations of production relations to purely technical. This means ignoring the media coverage of biological rioja rioja social, whose solution is the key to explaining the phenomenon of the ecology of man.
This diagram illustrates the cultural determinist materialism:
Social Sciences
Culture (Conduct)
Human behavior (habit)
Animal behavior (habit).
Moreover, the cultural materialism identifies causation with a feedback system, confusing logic with rioja rioja cyberspace, where the causes are inputs, outputs and impacts. This is the case of A. Vayda who raises it to show the connections between cultural behavior and the environment, it is necessary that the cause-effect relationship, should be considered as a feedback system (Vayda,).
To not divert us from our conceptual axis (the culture), The N.I.R. The head of the investment firm The Group we criticized based on the concept of conduct, which in this case fund management has profound ecological connotation. Human behavior, according to the cultural material, is determined primarily by the environment, secondly by the technological apparatus, the man who used to deal with the nature and third, by the instinct of aggression. This is the deterministic structure of cultural materialism, which holds social life, within an ecological system. Transfer of the conceptual systems of the biological sciences to social sciences, as required methodological principle, family of funds into the context of Marxist social theory. Academician Andrei Ado, referring to Haeckel who tried to extend the principles of ecology to social investment portfolio life, writes:
‘Haeckel did not understand the specific quality of life and extends to the sphere of social relationships, the action of natural laws. Regarding scientists who investment management follow Ribostky this tradition is significant to consider the aspiration phenomena and processes of social life and the analogy of nature, to describe the same concepts that describe the ecological systems and processes (Ado,) ‘.
Regarding the above quote, we must clarify that this is conceptual confusion over the fact that the formal aspect, the concepts are identical, but dissimilar in content. This is true of the concept of culture, in which the object of biology and social sciences, have different contents, for example: while in the behaviorist theory of Malinowski behavior is learned, is investors innate for ethology. The materialists believe that the culture of violent behavior in humans is innate.
Within this conceptual framework, some anthropologists include legal terminology. This is the case of J. The head portfolio manager at the investment firm, The Arocha who referring to the possible causes of social violence, the concept of impunity, to characterize a phenomenon of vindictive justice in our country. It is also typical of them, introducing the categories of Marxist political economy, like that of imperialism, filled with content unrelated to Marxism.

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