Entering text into a computer – the most common occupation of people sitting behind monitors. Despite the fact that now there are many specialized programs for all occasions, a simple plain-text input and is now Often, but not so easy and enjoyable event. Text input is needed not only in composing letters to friends or colleagues. This routine operation is present at the creation of websites, writing programs, storing data on the family budget and in many other cases. Of course, to write (and edit) the text created dozens of programs from the famous 'Ward' to the no less famous 'Notepad'. Notepad is too simplistic, and Ward – was too immense and complicated, not to mention the value of its licensed version.

So many programmers write their own versions of word processors. Some of them die as soon as born. Some are popular and well known to hundreds of thousands of users. Most often it is free (or shareware) program, are quite comfortable and easy to handle and install. It would seem that even necessary? But I also had to write the editor, which is different from all that is in world. In particular, I needed a completely autonomous Russian-language editor for communicating with friends abroad (among them, oddly enough, there were problems with the development of Russification in windose) So there was a 'Rusred', which I used daily himself first, and then put online on their website. To my surprise, the editor quickly became popular and people referred to it on the forums, but quickly exceeded the number of downloads a few thousand.