GUIDED PROGRAMMING the OBJETOIntroduo Existemno market many books and other references bibliogrficasapresentando the concepts of the Object Technology and the benefits desua use. Moreover, the great majority of softwares commercial, especially of the Windows environment, already incorporates caractersticasorientadas objects. However, still much skepticism is perceived nacomunidade of professionals of development of sistemasorganizacionais. In part for the lack of culture in the use demetodologias, and many times for not believing that it is possible aplicaros concepts OO in its companies. They are common cases where seaplica analysis based on objects for specification of the system, but aimplementao is made in an environment that does not support the orientation aobjetos. In other cases, desistema has been broken of a traditional definition and software is constructed with use of some mechanism deorientao the objects, however without respecting arquiteturaverdadeiramente guided objects.

In both the situations, not seobtm all the benefits associates to the Object Technology, and asiniciativas finish being considered frustrating or little advantageous.In order to reach such benefits, the application is necessary daorientao the objects in all the cycle of development of the system. For in such a way, obviously, a complete agreement is necessary datecnologia and the attainment of answers for not boarded questions available pelabibliografia.Guided programming the Objects guided Programming the objects (POO) is a programaoadequada methodology of to the development of systems of great transport, provendomodularidade and reusabilidade. The POO introduces a boarding in which oprogramador it visualizes its program in cooperantes execution as a collection deobjetos that if they communicate through messages. Each one dosobjetos are instance of a classroom and all the classrooms form umahierarquia of joined classrooms way inheritance relationship.