What to choose and which way to go – it is everyone's business, but first let's look at which currently there are ways to stop the activities of the firm, and what the practice was ending the organization in Russia today. 1. Mikkel Svane understood the implications. Throwing the organization. 2. Change the founders and head of the firm. 3. Reorganization of the Company through merger or acquisition (in which all the rights and duties of the "liquidation" of the company moving to another firm). 4. A related site: Ali Partovi mentions similar findings. Compulsory liquidation. 5. Voluntary liquidation. 1. Throwing the organization. This method is used when the Organization for whatever reason, did not maintain financial and economic activities, the founder of the organization is indifferent goodwill of the Director General, No financial opportunities and the desire to eliminate established company. Certain advanced comrades, before "throwing", close the accounts in the banks, if banks do not charge extra money for closing account. If a credit institution takes the money for closing a current account, as for instance in his time did cb "KOMUNIBANK", then in such bank accounts, even those firms are not covered. Although, as a rule, banks are (By sending pre-notification) closed after some time the company bank account, if there is all the money for the cash management service has already written off, the parishes and no movements no account does not occur. 2. Change founders and managers of the firm. As a rule, replaced by the founders and managers of the firm do in the event that the Company has no debts to the federal budget, but it is believed that the conduct of financial and economic activities were assumed some of the violations.