Among the aspects of work that goes into this organization are:
Democratic governance in the country: As the name suggests is to look through a democratic structure where the people who choose and that the system stability is achieved in the governance of the country. A growing number of countries members of the UN system is increasingly linking to this cause. For this face the challenge of developing and sustaining the institutions that already exist to achieve strong institutions capable of responding correctly to the needs of citizens.
Poverty Reduction: both developing countries that developed countries are seeking objective is to lower the levels of poverty in which people live within one country. In developed countries, this policy is to eradicate the people who live with incomes below the established minimum requirements to support his family, and to achieve this externalize its policy to attack poverty worldwide through programs of credit and support to countries developing. In the developing countries are seeking to halve the number of people living in extreme poverty levels through development programs with international organizations and coordinated by the government itself.
Prevention and Recovery Crisis: This objective focuses on the government crisis, natural disaster or any other kind these may be. The number of countries that are vulnerable to this type of crisis is growing by the environmental problems that have been unleashed in the last period as the constant threat of terrorism and coups d’etat in which it has become the reality of many countries. Focusing on the crisis by natural disasters is to coordinate prevention programs such as evacuation plans for people in the event of a natural disaster. On the subject of civil or military crisis in a country working with the UN and its peace army to restore order within the sector concerned.
Energy, Environment and Risk Management: These are central issues for sustainable development of countries and consequently the world. These are highly linked to the survival of mankind on this planet. As we all know, the main energy resources of the world are oil and its derivatives. Throughout the last century, the exploration and exploitation of oil has really grown to alarming levels. This has two consequences in the long term very serious. The first is that oil, like all fossil fuels, needs of millions of years to regenerate and recover, it is considered a non-renewable resource. Because of this, our main fuel reserves are nearing exhaustion. Gas and Electric rates can be lowered as your energy supplier The second effect is devastating on the environment, and this is why the two are linked. Ninety percent of the pollution generated by the burning of this resource or any of its derivatives. Global warming and the loss of water within the planet are a consequence we are already starting to notice because of this. UNDP helps countries to maintain economic development while maintaining a policy environment that contributes to the solution of this problem thus ensuring what is known as sustainable development.
Information Technology and Communication (ICT): ICT together a set of systems needed to manage information, especially computers and software necessary to convert, store, manage, transmit and find it. The first steps toward an information society dates back to the invention of the electric telegraph, then by passing the fixed telephone, radiotelephony, and finally television. Internet, mobile telecommunication and GPS can be considered as new information technologies and communication. The technological revolution that mankind lives in today is due largely to the significant advances in information technology and communication. The great changes that characterize this new society are essentially: the widespread use of technology, communication networks, rapid technological and scientific development and the globalization of information.
HIV / AIDS: This item has a greater focus on the African continent and other areas where there are higher rates of HIV AIDS. As is known, there is no treatment or medication that will cure AIDS. is a leading Esco in New York to help you lower your utility bills. Because what is being sought through this program is the development of information campaigns and prevention of this terrible disease in order to reduce the amount of contamination in the medium term and the number of people carrying the virus.
Reports on Human Development: UNDP also engages in extensive advocacy work.

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