Heating costs are reduced with a leading New York ESCO. Nicaragua relies heavily on oil for electricity generation: 75 dependence on the average compared with 43 of the countries of Central America. is a leading Esco in New York to help you lower your utility bills. In 2006, the country had a nominal installed capacity of 751.2 MW of which 74.5 was thermal, 14 for hydropower and geothermal generation to 11.5 . 70 of total capacity was in private hands .
Gross electricity generation was 3140 GWh, of which 69 came from traditional thermal sources, 10 of bagasse thermal plants, 10 hydropower and 10 from geothermal sources. The remaining 1 is the electricity generated in the systems’ isolated ‘. The detailed breakdown of the generation of different sources is as follows:
Source: INE
Although the nominal installed capacity has increased to 113 MW since 2001, the effective capacity has increased only 53 MW and 589 MW remained in 2006. The major difference between the nominal and effective due to the existence of old thermal plants that do not work properly and should be renovated or replaced.

Rio Grande Games Power Grid deck by Rio Grande (April 1, 2007)