By the way, the built-in appliances for the kitchen will preferable, although it is more expensive price. Its advantage is that you can use an infinite number of combinations of basic modules with no problems, “replenish” all sorts of gadgets. As for washing, then not worth it to be far away from the stove and connect with her overall work surface. A good option would be if the car wash located in the heart of the working group, a refrigerator and stove on the side. For spacious kitchens suitable option “Sink in the corner.” The choice of the refrigerator – it responsibly. And let it be great if space allows! You can buy a multi-chamber with a freezer or freezer separately. (Not to be confused with Robotics!). And pay attention to modern refrigerators with the function ‘NoFrost’ (a blow, no frost). It is clear that no furniture anywhere in the kitchen.

Kitchen table and chairs to take their places of honor and accommodate all family members. Also nice would be if there is opportunity to increase the effective area of the table by folding or install additional components. Another important aspect – the work surfaces and furniture surfaces. Simple shapes, easy to clean countertops and kitchen facades – all this will save time and nerves of the hostess. Choose kitchen solid smooth and resistant to high temperatures and various chemicals surface. If the DSP is used in the decoration, then let it will be faced with (clear lacquer or enamel).

Purely for the convenience of taking care of kitchen facilities, is not neglected, and the beauty of the design. It’s nice when furniture is in harmony with trim and shutters, when the kitchen is decorated with small decorative elements and plants, as lighting helps create a cozy atmosphere. By the way, the light above the cooking area should be significantly stronger than over the place where you eat. For the latter fits more diffused light. AND remember not to stand near the stove and refrigerator. And that jobs should have a single height, which is determined by the size of the gas stove and sink.