Andalusia XX Almeria N jar: The Socialist mayor, Joaqu n Garc a Fern ndez, signed a planning agreement with one of his former councilors, Jos Cayuela Carrique, which allowed him to nearly quadruple the buildability of a holiday in the area of Agua Amarga, in exchange for the transfer of land for green area, according to a lawsuit filed by Ecologists in Action. Moreover, while the maximum was 56 approved homes, reached 90. The Bitter Water Marina project, which occupies 48 hectares of natural park Cabo de Gata-Nijar, especially in areas with community protection, is also under investigation by the EU. Zurgena: Aldermen of the City of Zurgena (Almer a) will be called to testify by the court of Hu rcal Overa, at the request of the prosecution, as alleged perpetrators of crimes against graft and planning, grant planning permission for 1,300 villas in greenfield sites.President’s Circle Andalusian Construction Companies, Consulting and Public Works, Ceacop, Thomas Zurano, also chairman of property group ‘Dizu’, enabling the Committee of Experts for the drafting of the electoral program of the PSOE de Almer a in the last elections autonomous, is one of the six people arrested for their alleged involvement in the urban fabric of Zurgena (Almer a). Mayor Candido Zurgena Trabalon, was arrested by the Guardia Civil in a coordinated operation with the Prosecutor of Environment of Almer a investigating for over a year of prevarication different crimes, bribery and anti-planning.Councilman was also arrested for Urbanism, Manuel Tijeras, also from the Andalusian Party, the architect Carlos Berbel, besides the technical architect and a builder of the Almanzora region . Garrucha: The Socialist mayor, Andres Segura, has signed a agreement with the company and Investment Promotions Hermanos Mu oz Fern ndez whereby it agrees to pay 2.6 million euros Consistory to legalize 28 homes built illegally in the municipality. The CP report also agreed that the 2.6 million is not all the perceived benefits. Roquetas: Mayor of Roquetas de Mar and Almeria PP president, Gabriel Amat, reclassified in 1997 as developable land owned by a company owned by his wife, his brother and two associates. The sale of the land reported that society benefits more than two million.Almazora Caves: In the hamlet of Villaricos, Ecologists in Action and the Platform Save Villaricos denounced the housing 10 meters from the beach. In this plot were also found archaeological remains of the Visigoth period. Carboneras: On 10 May 2007, the president of the Junta de Andaluc a, Manuel Chaves, reported that the Andalusian going to buy the land on which the hotel sits illegal carob, and the land adjacent to the to restore the beach of El Algarrobico to return it, as far as possible to its original state. The hotel was the first of what was planned as a complex of eight hotels, 1,500 apartments and a golf course. Its construction began thanks to a building permit issued by the municipality of Carboneras, based on an amendment that became developable municipal virgin beach located four kilometers from the town center. Rota Cadiz: Antonio Pena, a councilman from urban , the PP is charged for neglect of duty.Cordoba Cordoba: Ecologists in Action denounced the construction of two housing estates in Carrera del Caballo called by the construction company Arenal 2000. The buildings were swept away 100 oaks, but a court order requiring the employer Rafael Gomez to replace them. In the Baths of Poppea, a court decision requiring a developer to replace a felled oak to build 223 luxury villas. Granada Alhend n: Councilman urbanism, the Popular Party, has resigned after being on probationfor five counts. The PP of the town kept open an investigation into the handling of the industrial estate Marchalhend n allegedly fraudulent, according to the PSOE. Armilla: Vice President of the Diputaci n de Granada and councilor of Urbanism at Armilla (Granada), Gabriel Ca avate (PSOE), resigned after a controversy over their heritage and research of the Office for alleged illegalities in the local shopping center.Og jares: Jos Luis del Ojo, national deputy and former councilman and Urbanism in the municipality of Granada Og jares, delivered on Tuesday (October 17) his record of mayor. He resigned his position at the town hall before the alleged irregularities in the awarding of contracts in the municipality of which he is charged.