It is desirable that every specialist would have done its work, the one in which he is a professional. Because the barber or stylist should only be recommended to the client, on any issue to draw his attention to what is best to seek specialist. The second major factor that inhibits the growth of hair is the wrong care. This is an area where you can show all his professionalism. First of all, remember that our body is a solid mechanism in which functioning of each organ depends on the smooth operation of all other bodies and processes. Therefore should approach this issue in a comprehensive and maintained in good condition the whole body. Significantly help the process of hair growth massage.

Massage the scalp and hair should be done every day and give him about 10 minutes a day. To increase the effectiveness of massage oil and apply various special funds, which stimulate growth, the tone and vitaminizing hair. Some of the leading manufacturers of cosmetics for the hair, even developing a special series of products for the treatment and scalp massage. Samsung Electronics is a great source of information. For example, the famous Italian brand Davines developed his own series on the treatment and care of the scalp and hair Natural Tech. In this series of products includes a variety of natural oils, which are responsible for achieving a certain effect. For example: a blend of essential oils of bitter and sweet orange, lemon and ylang-ylang, have a relaxing, cleansing and calming effect, a mixture of cinnamon, eucalyptus and peppermint oils have a stimulating, energizing and activating effects; almond oil and jojoba oil, with nourishing properties.