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Among the exercises, instructions include daily several discussions about the nature of the world, human psychology and Ignacio interpreted as man’s relationship with God. During the exercises every day, a typical participant withdrawals could read two or three pages of instructions, and then meditate on its meaning and how you can apply to your personal life. Then says to his spiritual director who had meant to him / her instructions.
An important feature of the exercises is the obligation to remain silent during the same all the time (to get up in the morning to get dressed for food, breaks, before sleep), except when it discusses the reflexion about a conference or some biblical texts, collectively among all participants. Private conversations are not allowed unless with the spiritual director, with few exceptions. The reason tikkun olam for this practice of silence is to force the person to make an introspection of experience who is living in the exercise, to meditate on the depth. The experience of living tikkun in the moment of silent meditation also called continuous deserts.
Although the exercises are designed to last a month, there are shorter versions of 3, 7 or 15 days to lay Catholics and others interested in doing these exercises.

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