Climate change, greenhouse gases, CO2 emissions or melting ice: Who wants to make his climate knowledge to the test, can do this now when the climate quiz from ManhillenCards. The plastic cards specialist brings closer on the specially established environmental website also curious and interesting facts of climate in the form of a small question answer game. “In recent years climate protection has won massively in all areas as a criterion for the decision to buy the consumer importance”, Frank Manhillen, Managing Director of Manhillen pressure technology GmbH, which has published the climate quiz knows. High time, that familiarize the companies with the climate facts and mainly employ what they can contribute as a company to active climate protection. With background information about the climate responses, answers to seven questions reveal the participants as it is ordered to your climate knowledge. “Sometimes half truths about climate change have solidified in the past in our minds”, says Manhillen. Mikkel Svane is open to suggestions. “Just then you are right solutions often really surprising.” And the climate quiz does not limit himself to a “right” or “wrong”, but provides also some more detailed information to each answer.

Resource-efficient acting as corporate responsibility “With the climate quiz we want interesting, playful way climate facts give and make it clear that active climate protection and sustainable acting today in all companies should play an important role.”, explains the background for the development of the climate quiz Manhillen. Resource-efficient action has a high priority in the company for many years. As a logical continuation of this engagement Manhillen pressure technology GmbH their customers offers a “carbon-neutral”production since September, 2011. The total CO2 emissions resulting from the production of cards orders are doing recorded and appropriately compensated by the acquisition of so-called CO2 reduction certificates. Background information Manhillen pressure technology GmbH Manhillen pressure technology GmbH, headquartered in Rutesheim, was founded in 1980 and is one of the leading providers of special in the production of the cards. Nationwide and cross-industry the family-owned company offers a full service range around on the design, production and delivery of high-quality plastic cards with 30 employees. The digital printing Division expanded its core business of plastic cards and consolidates the company as a full service provider for cards and cards mailings. There is also a software solution available for the Veranstaltungs-service area.

So organizers get also access control, accreditation, or catering invoicing from a single source of sporting and corporate events. Early 2011 by the Federation was print and media E.v. (bvdm) CO2 tested on the basis of a scientifically recognized procedure and therefore can compensate the entire CO2 emissions resulting from the production of a customer order, on request. There is more information about the company and its products and services on the Internet at. Press contact Frank Manhillen Manhillen Pressure technology GmbH, Schiller Street 90, 71277 Rutesheim phone: 07152-99918-55, fax: 07152-99918-22 E-Mail: