Already not enough place on the market a product or a service. To blend products and services at preferential creations, you can differentiate your idea selling in a market commoditized (that is, a market where products have lost differentiation). 3 Differentiate each relationship as well as each client the difference. Add relational value to the value of the brand. In the future, the convergence of knowledge of the client with the customer interaction will generate a special for each individual experience. To integrate applications that allows the world of e-business (sales, services, and customer service applications) with traditional CRM (Customer Relationship Management) processes can be achieved that the relationship with each one of the clients is so different as it is each person’s data profile. 4. Make personally as little as possible.

There are always others who can do something better than you. The key to success is to get others to do as much work as possible. Business partners, suppliers, distributors and end users can do much of the heavy lifting. That way, your company will be hands free to concentrate on their core skills. Find out who is the best person to perform each piece’s value proposition; You will see that, in general, you must always someone who can do something faster and better than you. 5 Try to convert into product to your interactive process. Now it is true that the process is the message. Two generations ago proclaimed Marshall McLuhan: the medium is the message.

When marketing began to rely increasingly on innovative television, necessitated a total rethinking of how to create a brand. Now that marketing depends on an electronic system, and customer service software architecture, also need a restatement of what is the most important thing in your selling proposition. 6 Avoid exceeding the experience of the brand to the perception of the brand. As to interaction with the end-user is becoming the predominant way of doing business, the experience each user with a brand has today will increasingly determine the position of the company in the market. What you do for, by and with the client that exceeds the perception of the brand capital creates brand and the future value of the relationship. 7. Set a new computer society between the marketing and the sector. Now the time to gather everything that exists within your company to meet all the people that is outside your company. It is also time to take advantage of the info-technological wonders and imagine a marketing that has fast enough as to not fall behind with regard to the growing demands of consumers. It is time, too, to form a new partnership between the departments of computer science and marketing.