As a result of the financial crisis was beginning a recession that still continues in 2007. Andalusia period is known in Japan as a lost decade (”” 10 ‘, ushinawareta j’nen’).
The phenomenon of unemployment, unprecedented in the country under the “government of empresas “, appeared in Japanese society. In 2002, unemployment finance was 5.4 . Due to the loss of property value was investment analyst a negative wealth effect, which significantly reduced consumption. House prices would not rise up past fourteen years (La Vanguardia, August 2, 2006), a shy and make 0.9 on The average. The credit crunch Ribotsky of the bankruptcy of many financial institutions increase the difficulties of credit and paralyzed the economy
The root system of Japanese society rewards was, likewise, changed: during the period of euphoria, financial engineering (zai-tekku) replaces the values associated with work and responsibility, creating a family of fund spiral of greed enrichment and down quicker than some of the guiding principles of the Japanese public morals.

New York Post
WASHINGTON – New jobless claims rose more than expected last week and the number of Americans collecting unemployment benefits as 5.1 million, fresh evidence that fund management the recession is increasingly forcing employers shed jobs. The Labor …
International Herald Tribune
Many who managed to avoid unemployment in the current recession will be asked to work less, and some see that the improvement of hedge funds NYSE their lives . the chief investment manager of the is
The New Zealand Herald
Up movie producer to 70,000 workers a portion of their wages paid by the government under the “day of nine weeks’ proposal yesterday top jobs . The proposal is popular with both trade unions and employers, the press … I have been following a number of the online interviews with businessman and investment analyst
Los Angeles Times
With more than 1 in 10 workers unemployed in January, the state registers its highest jobless rate since June 1983. Lack Luster spending on clothing, cars, legal services and most everything has left California economy limp, only to ensure that the state 10.1 of unemployment in January March upward at least to the end of the investment manager year, Hollywood economists predicted. …

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