Perfect for use in the shower, since it incorporates SOAP (Compact Mousse) toning and smoothing (for Sesame and almond oil), in contact with water makes an abundant foam and scented Mesotherapy: excess inches, Orange skin and sagging improve notably with Mesotherapy, a classic of aesthetic medicine, through the gun electronic, located in the affected areas of cellulite loaded active ingredients multiinyecciones aimed at improving cellular metabolism, activates circulation, oxygenating and regenerating tissues is not painful, although after the sessions there is usually some small bruises disappear quickly. Treatment consists of ten sessions. Native papaya:Este of fruit trees of Central America is very rich leaves and other substances that contain an enzyme called papain, which divides the proteins that are the cause of cellulite and remove accumulations of fat. In addition, its anti-inflammatory can treat cellulite that causes painful inflammation. Herbal tea: for a real drain must use the combined action of several plants, so it is recommended the use of teas of herbs produced by specialized laboratories.

Infusions of artichoke, tooth of Lion, radicchio, olives, thyme and lavender draining the liver, an organ is essential in the Elimination of toxins, the Witch Hazel. Ginkgo and Red vine have venotonica draining action, while that of Alisma mouse, or the Queen of the meadows have a renal action. Do not drink more than half a litre of tea a day. Vitamin E: vitamin protects veins and arteries, to the extent that is prescribed to people who have suffered a heart attack. The best is to eat in a natural way. Found in the wheat, the soya oil, fish oil and oil seeds (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.) If you take vitamin synthetic, the minimum dose that activates is 300 mg per day. Discover the only cure ComprobadCon the years, the treatment of cellulite has become my area of expertise. How personal trainer and nutritionist, I have had hundreds, if not thousands of women asking how can get rid of its problematic, persistent and anti aesthetic problem with cellulite.