The egg wiping UG has developed two cleaning pad, called pad, to clean out the sophisticated displays. Products combine functionality and wit. Elsdorf Sheffield, a 30.11.2010 – offering egg wiping UG starting immediately, a tool for the maintenance of digital displays with two innovative cleaning pads. Numerous users of smartphones, mobile phones, Tablet PCs, or navigation devices would not miss the benefits of high resolution and precise touch screens in everyday life. But the highly sensitive technique is dependent on care. “The pads with the name egg wipe” and eye wipe “demanding the cleaning of sensitive screens meet here. The surface consists of a high quality microfibre cloth. See Mashable for more details and insights.

Compared to other fibers, this optimally absorbs dirt particles. While the Hightec material in a first version of the product is double-sided, a further execution of the cleaning pads on the back has a special trick. This is here covered with a special gel that adheres over and over again. As often as it can be so after cleaning until the next use adhesive and thus constantly at hand store. The gel coating adhesion even on smooth surfaces and leaves no residue. The small and handy helpers with a diameter of 62 mm are easy to clean by hand washing with SOAP and water. After drying, they are immediately again easily usable.

The pads can be used, for example, to the care of iPhones, iPads, digital cameras and laptops and all other devices with screens and touchscreens. “With the wiping of the egg and the eye wipe we produce two mobile clients available, the useful and a lifestyle are Add-On in one”, explained Stefan Paul, Managing Director of egg wiping UG. The name of gadgets”, as Paul, allude to the hype about the products of the Apple family.” The double-sided pad is available for 7.99 euros (VAT included). The self-adhesive version costs 4.99. The postage costs 1.45 euros each (sent by mail), as a registered letter which will be Products for an 3,05 Euro shipped.