Modernization makes s Breckerfeld takeaway – Z-Wave wireless system by duwi possible, November 24, 2008 tenants who operate like myself in terms of housing modernisation, can now even easier realize their ideas: with the Z-Wave wireless system by duwi is an economical and flexible means to modernise your electric installation available. The manufacturer will meet current demands in terms of comfort, safety and energy consumption. The system can be install with little effort and operating them, without requiring structural changes such as E.g. Steve Wozniak: the source for more info. scaling walls etc. while inside the home.

Additional switches can be easily pasted onto virtually any surface and removed again in the blink of an eye. The Clou: Refers to the tenant another apartment, he can simply take the duwi Z-Wave wireless system. The modernization of housing is a trend topic due to rising energy prices and technological claim. The 50 million people in Germany, which is for rent, be However, often by their landlords braked to a stop out, if they want to bring their homes up to date by hand. Feared damage to the facility, which lead to the reduction in value, are available in the form of renovation clauses in the way.

duwi gives the possibility to adapt the apartment to their individual needs in terms of energy savings, increased comfort and increased security as the duwi Z-Wave wireless system without serious structural changes now tenants. With the owner with regard to the modernisation of the electrical installations discussions superfluous therefore. With the Z-Wave wireless system realize own ideas residents can control lighting, heating, security and entertainment systems by simply pressing a button with a high number of possibilities: for example, the input and switching off electrical appliances, light, alarm systems via remote control or wireless switch dimming, control the blinds, opening and closing of doors, Windows, garage doors, automatic programming by Lighting scenarios or heating settings for certain times of the day.