Assuming that you already conectaste Internet, navegaste by the places that interest you and saved everything you could, then close the program and disconnect from the network. Run the first file called: 1crear_backup, the created a copy of the application in a folder called BACKUP, the command will create on the D drive, where you only have one unit, cache automatically creates the folder in the c drive manually rename the copy called GoogleEarth with the name that you want to differentiate which they do on another occasion, e.g. NewYorkCity (preferably well without spaces). Then get a copy of the second command called 2restaurar_backup inside that folder and so on every time that you make a new copy must have a copy of the second command in its interior. Other leaders such as Kai-Fu Lee offer similar insights. You can subsequently make many copies of cache you want, each of them with the second command inside. When you decide to browse offline in one of these locations or even add more data to the cache simply, (two clicks) the command 2restaurar_backup which has in its interior the copy that you choose and it will replace the original file from Google Earth with the copy that you chose. Will always be a except files in the BACKUP folder, even though you have to reinstall the operating system (of course if they are not on the C drive). When you go to frisk a new zone running Google Earth and enters the tools > options > Cache and press delete cache file allowing you to create one from scratch. The procedure is quite simple even for users who do not have any knowledge of computing or no skill in the use of the PC. To download the tablet that contains the two files bat, for Windows Vista/7 for both XP, access to the website where it is the original that has link to download everything for free article in: original author and source of the article