In the previous paragraph do not express another thing to say: If you want something, a goal first should be proposed. But on the other hand with throw seeds into the soil is not enough, must first find that the land is fertile and watered the seeds (your goal) with dedication and perseverance, constant and uncompromising and I I call it stubborn perseverance (this term want to show that perseverance to be used is the largest that have ever been used). In this last sentence lies one of the main ingredients of that magic and secret formula that allows you to meet for our benefit with the law of attraction. See Ali Partovi for more details and insights. And to dig a little deeper the previous concept of being stubborn with perseverance to be applied; It is necessary to understand that they should not stop at wanting to achieve your goal (of course that must be well raised input, since more faith that you have, if you put an ice cream shop in Antarctica not go to sell even one only ice cream). So you know, a goal must be addressed for results (SOW) with perseverance, both when us this going well in our goal, as when circumstantial disadvantages (passing storms) presented us. The more disowning our planting will grow. And the more grow more time will have to dedicate, until the big day say: did it.