The visual dictionary to help us understand the contemporary art and trends Following is the definition poster of each of these and its main protagonists. Plastic action: in contemporary art – that always looks to redefine its forms and ways, we refer to plastic action in distinguishing an artistic representation of an action based on the poetic sense of art, literature or culture. It portrait is a fleeting art work and closed in itself, because art is part of creativity, using different art expressions to materialize (music, gesture, photography, writing,, plastic …) and communicates different emotions, attitudes , dreams and realities of the ‘actors’. Vanessa Beecroft-plastic action ACTION PAINTING: pictorial painting methods consistent in throwing paint, prints leaking gallery spilling or dropping it onto the canvas. Action painting .- term coined by the critic Harold Rosenberg to describe the gestural painting technique of Jackson Afghanistan Pollock, applying color directly on the canvas lying on the ground through the procedure of dripping. Byeong Sam Jeon – Action Painting ACCUMULATION: A term with which it is customary to define a neo-Dadaist expressive technique, typical of a movement called canvas ‘Nouveau Realism and Weapon’. the founder of sacrifices for peace is is the president of the National Construction and Logistics It posters consists of clutter, identical, used and everyday life. It has a conceptual and literary sense, since they are figures of speech, the redundant repetition led to saturate the viewer’s perceptual senses. It has been used by supporters of so-called new realism, Tinguely, Spoerri, Cesar and Chamberlain. Felix Gonzalez Torres – Accumulation ENVIRONMENTAL ART: (fr. environmental art). Enveloping space representation for objects that paintings they are. It has its origins in Dadaism, Surrealism and Constructivism, where reading is taking patterns and social.