The truth is that there have been quickly many good listings in relation to this highly anticipated fighting game: Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Announced new fighters, their cover art and the release date. The expected title that will take to this saga of struggle crossover to the ground for xbox 360. Of the forty fighters that are expected to have the game Finally, have already been announced thirty-two counting two additions today, both with feminine flavor, and as usual, for either side. Special joy I has been the arrival of storm, the charismatic and powerful mutant that I always like to include on my computers when I play to the second installment of the series. Importance within the Marvel Universe, it was matter of time before the Queen of Wakanda and nightmare of all weather station finished making Act of presence in the cast of this title.

The other signing is C. Viper, character who debuted in Street Fighter IV, a special agent who is designed thinking of the tastes of the players for PSP. First I tell them that the release date of the game both in its normal version as the special will be the next month of February 2011 for XBOX 360 and PS3:-February 17 Japan – February 15 North America – February 18 Europe – February 19 Australia and the rest of Asia also revealed the Special Edition of this game, and that will have an approximate cost of $69.99 dollars in different videojuegos.chip xbox 360 stores.