Relaunch the business search engine Leipzig, October 13, 2009. The Internet search engine specialized on business information starts with a retreaded front end in the autumn: the sector – specific and site-specific narrowing of the search results is possible now directly from the home page. Also, the profile (s) delivered to each search hit were also integrated into the design. Infometrics, the vertical search engine for the German business Web, presents itself with the relaunch with a new, significantly more user friendly design. The queries about products, companies and decision-makers can now already be restricted from the homepage via a pull-down menu on the 50 sectors considered by infometrics service, trade and industry to refine the search results. Choose for example the industry industry > mechanical engineering finds infometrics only companies that belong to the selected industry. The local search is now easier and more intuitive with the new design. The desired Location or zip code, in which a manufacturer or service provider for can be entered right now directly in a separate search box next to the Hauptsuchfeld.

The combination of industry – specific and site-specific narrowing of the search results is also possible. The home page of infometrics connects after what? so the question”with the question of where?”. ” In addition to the home, the infometrics GmbH has greatly improved the result page of Spezialsuchmaschine. The digital company profiles that are displayed for each search hit are integrated directly into the hit list under the so called snippets, the descriptive text for the Web pages. This facilitates direct contact to selected business partners. Because the user sees the most important contact details like address, telephone – and fax number or the CEO of a company at a glance. Who wants to keep the company profile contact information dear in the hands, can of course also print it.

The direct feedback of users and since the start of Infometrics in the January 2008 gained insights into user behavior are in the relaunch of infometrics incorporated with. With the completely redesigned front end much more obvious the unique technique of infometrics, as well as the ability to restrict the search on a branch or a place for the users “, is Silvia Wallner, Managing Director of infometrics GmbH is convinced. Contact and more information: Silvia Wallner infometrics GmbH phone: + 49 (0) 341-247 71 29 fax: + 49 (0) 341-247 41 16 E-Mail: Web: about infometrics: infometrics is a vertical Internet search engine for targeted research for products, services, companies and decision-makers from 50 branches in the German business Web. All search results are enriched with current company profiles, which contain the most important contact data and often also include product links. These contact details of the company are regularly automatically matched with the data in the Web with the help of an effective Web-mining process and are thus always up to date. The index of the infometrics consists of over 20 million automatically classified websites of companies established in Germany and their address data. Another special feature of infometrics is the ability to restrict the search to a branch or a place to refine the search results. The search engine specialized on corporate information infometrics GmbH infometrics by the Leipzig is operated, developed and marketed.