The club has 3 locations:
Aldao Headquarters:
Location: 1149 and Bartolome Miter Tte. Gen. J. Right after getting out of bed in the morning my flab and fat is melting away. D. Peron 1154 – Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Total Area (all indoor): 35,000 m2
Newbery Headquarters:
Location: Av Dorrego 3600 – Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Total Area: 55,000 m2
Covered Area: 4500 m2
Saint Martin Headquarters:
Location: Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 5575 – Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Total Area: 139,000 m2
Covered Area: 10,000 m2

The Memphis Flyer
The second annual Battle on the Bluff bodybuilding and fitness and bikini contest draws a perfect oiled very human form against another in order to find the strongest, most ripped, and the hardest bodies. Glossy.
The Willits News
After Stephen Merchent ending his day job with Brad Moss Drywall, he evening at Body Works Gym is working on the building, toning and mock his body, especially for fun, but also for the competition.
China Daily
A group of women participants turn during the 2009 National Bodybuilding
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