There are dozens of social networks at present, but there are two or three that are the most popular, these achieved an attract millions of users around the world, is an adapted to all languages and stop you from counting. Now well in an article I’ve recently read of a skilled publicist and marketer international Mr Alejandro Pagliari, tells us in his article about one of the strategies more effective and proven results using social networks in order to carry out direct marketing, which I commented below. Alexander writes, that the best way to make web marketing on social networks to attract new customers, is first of all the blog, followed by Facebook and Twitter. The blog as opposed to a web page is a resource that allows you to carry a log of management and communication, is a platform completely dynamic, which allows you to interact with your customers or similar, of equal way allows you to comment on your posts and a range of resources that are very favorabes to perform marketing on the internet. It is very easy to have a blog on the internet, and for this there are two options, which I consider are the easier to have a blog; the first is free,, with which you can configure and have a blog with a few clicks, without having knowledge of programming, just to know how to use your keyboard and your mouse or your computer mouse, you can have a blog published on the web, in a matter of minutes the only disadvantage that I see particularly in blogger, is that you don’t own domainalways address your domain will be a subdomain of blogger, is preferable to having a blog with TLD, this to have more exclusivity of your publications and also build your brand on the internet using their own domain.