From the PR agency Xpand21 on behalf of the German voluntary work finally spring is here newsletter. Next weekend, the Easter fire light up the dark night. Traditionally the glow of fire so the tradition finally sells the winter. Many clubs in Germany will receive the tradition at Easter in life. Between Holy Saturday and Easter Monday they start an Easter fire in their communities. But be careful: while the Organizer must provide security. Because participants can otherwise violate in a poorly secured fire place. The German voluntary work Association informed the volunteers dedicated Organizer: Board members must comply with certain regulations at an Easter fire.

You must protect participants and themselves against risks. Munich, April 6, 2009. The tradition of the Easter fire is common in all Germany. Used the practice to protect the germinating seed from evil spirits and to drive away the winter. Today, the local clubs start their Easter fire but more to the social Being together. Here, not only the up to fifteen feet are burned Wooden joints heaped on.

Many also Grill and serve beer or wine. Also, clubs at Easter often organise torchlight. Some group breaks around together for a hike to the Easter fire on the night of Easter Saturday on Easter Sunday. In some northern regions, it is even tradition that groups afford the prank night prematurely to light the Easter fire in the neighbouring village that’s why clubs where it was often organize vigils at the fire place. Risks often overlooked but will bring the traditions around Easter bonfire and torchlight procession also hazards, many voluntarily engaged not in mind. Therefore smaller and larger accidents occur every year. Participants of torch train can suffer, for example, burns or stumble in the dark and sprain my ankle is. At an Easter fire in the room in Ulm, two women injured by a falling wooden beam.