When you use the device on any changes should be observed. Provides the user with The corridor funding may be used for the time being no longer damage, reducing the security. The entrepreneur must be informed about the unhealthy state of the plant and a repaired. The truck is then out of service, until the work-safe status is restored. Which defects are security for example: damaged tire air pressure of the tyres not enough too much steering play worn out and deformed fork tines suspension operating and parking brake limited functional or ineffective damage at the forks (worn, bent, cracks) leaks in the hydraulic fuse the forks for lifting and moving height differences between the forks cracks in load-bearing parts of lifting chains are not sufficient and evenly tensioned test certificates and labelling each modification and inspection of industrial trucks should detectable if necessary and can be. Making a test certificate, suitable for for example, in the form of a check book or as a digital file. The test certificate must be available on demand at any time and should be kept as close as possible in the field of floor support witness.

Test evidence for periodic inspections must contain the following data: date and scope of the audit results and findings of the testing specification determined defects assessment, whether continued operation is safe endorsement and confirmation, if deficiencies are eliminated is completed details the necessary investigations of the name and address of the auditor the audit and deficiencies fixed, consider the application of inspection stickers. For the inspection of trucks there brewes plaques tested according to BGV D27 “next test date according to 37, and BGV D27”. The date can be marked with the year and month on two inspection stickers. See the inspection stickers for the testing of industrial trucks in the brewes online shop.