The febrile state that I was sick in bed, the winter product, made me pass, State of vigil to a State of drowsiness, according to come down or climb the fever-dreams incoherent, disconnected from reality, they flowed without pause, leaving only a vague memory in my battered brain-and again the eyelids is me closed for more effort that would keep them open, until suddenly, a little-known serenity seized all my be and to open their eyes again, I felt my body already had no weight, and was, like hanging in the air, watching me myself laying in bed, as if you slept placidly.-remained in that State, with the strangeness that aroused in me the moment, until I was pulled up by a strange forcewhich I could not oppose me.-without fear, and at breakneck speed, I went into a kind of tunnel, in what, despite being bright, he is highlighted in the background, a much brighter clarity, but which, with their glow does not it beat all my senses-to reach the end of that quick trip, luminosity was transformed into a horizon clear, but without sunlight, and I felt I walked down a green fluffy mattress, although not lawn-so, suddenly, I was surrounded by people I didn’t know, that alone, or in groups, they walked toward a building which fell slowly-I also walked my steps over there, and arriving at its entrance, an elder, debonair appearance, which seemed to be the place of speaking briefly with everyone, and I decided to find out what was happening I.-_Anciano, could you tell me what this building?.-_The Court, replied without raising the view.-_ what court?.., I insisted… _The that judges human actions, was the answer… Now that he was totally confused, it is that perhaps it was death?,. _Do, replied the old man, as if she’d read my thoughts… _ Then, went to ask to the Elder.