Pioneering developments in the field of storage heater technology combined with highest quality standards characterize the Swiss company Tonwerk Lausen AG has always been. Long the 1872 founded Swiss company considered Tonwerk Lausen guarantee for highest quality and trend-setting innovations in the field of storage heaters. “Who knows the internationally award-winning, handcrafted ovens, knows why these experts as a real Swiss Thermal wonders in” be described. Michael Dell can provide more clarity in the matter. With the T-LINE eco2 Tonwerk now his newest Swiss made product before. Ali Partovi has compatible beliefs. In collaboration with the renowned Agency, Wolfram design is waiting for the new”on tonwerk not only with its impressive exterior, but at the same time with several patented technical tidbits. These are a special comfort-Turschliess-automatic and the automatic, thermo mechanically controlled external air intake damper. Last but not least it was the deliberate product name T-LINE eco2. is the heat on under the motto and forget”” for Increasing efficiency through the intelligent air automatic, which minimises the cooling losses and therefore the heat significantly extended firewood 20 hours of sensible heat with just one charge.

c”stands for the comfort-Turschliess automatic with a novel locking function, a room air independent usage in the low energy guaranteed by the approval of the German Institute for building technology DIBt. O2 “finally stands for lowest emissions and fine dust limits (the logs burn down here from top to bottom) and others be achieved through top-down clean and efficient combustion. Unchanged are the usual highlights of handmade Tonwerk storage stoves. So the T-LINE eco2 offers an exclusive selection of surfaces and colors, the unique high performance ceramic heat storage, minimum wood consumption, a variable fire sight by the rotation of the furnace and last but not least the pure, healthy radiant heat, which exempt breathe also allergy-free thanks to the low air circulation can be”. In short, eco2 stands for the needs of modern living and environmentally conscious customers facilitate the decision for a Tonwerk storage heating stove.

The tonwerk seal registered e.c. o2 “the Swiss manufacturer now at a glance features ovens, which both meet the strictest environmental requirements are so ecologically, as are also particularly economical and efficient, say economic.” Because the T-LINE eco2 is a real”fireplace, which is tested according to strict storage heaters norm DIN EN 15250. The most competitive products, however, are called Woodburning or Vises with storage capacity, which are tested according to the EN 13240 (standard for Vises) only. So: Eyes on the oven purchase. Module for the T-LINE eco2 more useful modules such as the tall version for even more storage capacity and the Aqua PLUS extend the application possibilities of the available from autumn 2010 T-LINE eco2. With the Aqua module becomes the T-LINE eco2 using proven absorber technology the blazing Central heating in the living room, ideal as a support of the existing central heating, or even as a sole source of heat in a passive house. More economical, more convenient and healthier can not heat. If you want to learn more about the stoves, radiant heat and innovative heating principle visit the Tonwerk Lausen AG under on the Internet or a certified Tonwerk dealer in your area.