Many people have a desire to start a business, either a traditional business or a business on the internet. The problem presented to them is the decision to start. If you get to talk or share ideas with some of them you will notice that in many cases the reason why not starting is the fear to make mistakes. There have been that there is magic in making mistakes, but not you I’m encouraged you mention them, simply I am saying do not be afraid to commit them. Large companies or in science or technology advances have seen the light thanks errors that were exploited by its founders. For example, the discovery of America will yield thanks to the calculation error of Cristobal Colon, who thought to reach the Indies but instead found a new continent. A case of success due to an error, was that of Levi Strauss (Levi s), which ventured to go in search of gold to become rich with mining, but has realized that it was wrong of profession, then is He devoted himself to sew jeans to miners who were successful and I think a large company. Robert Kiyosaki says that the key lies in that each time that you make a mistake, learn the lesson.

Call that you have to experience. Although many people have experienced it continues to commit the same mistakes. If a person truly learns from its mistakes and changes your life, what you get instead of experience is wisdom. There is a bit of magic hidden in each error. So while commit more errors and while more time dedicated to learning from my mistakes, more magic I have in my life. Robert Kiyosaki (Guide to invest) greetings!