Here is a list of features and amenities that provides you a pc. 1) Support for communication with the outside world, local area network and a worldwide network called 'Internet'. You will see almost all information, which only is on the Internet. In the World Wide Web you can find information on any subject you're interested. It is possible to have a lot of friends in different parts of the globe, as well as communicate with them via e-mail or icq (in commoners call 'ICQ'). 2) Your computer has the ability to store hundreds or thousands of photos, pictures, music, and sort them into folders 3) The computer has unlimited opportunities for creativity. You can write articles, poems, and maybe even the whole book, you may well draw or take pictures, write music – it can create and store on your computer. And of course, publish or even sell on the Internet.

4) Your computer may become an indispensable helper in the work. You can create documents, various reports, tables, without leaving home, and maybe going out, unless of course you have a laptop. You can do the programming, work with graphics and web design. 5) If you want to use a computer at school, now a huge number of educational multimedia disks, which can help you in this matter. 6) And of course the computer can be used as a entertainment, it can be games, music, movies, the Internet can also be attributed to the entertainment, because there are too one can find many interesting and useful information