Question again: it can deny the proper existence, after having placed everything in doubt, its directions, its body? : Not, therefore exactly that he is being been deceptive for one ' ' genius maligno' ' , he cannot deny that he exists at least while he doubts Cogito: I think, I I exist 1 truth of the chain of reasons. He exists, but not yet he knows what it is really. Body: everything that is limited by some figure, occupies a place in the space and can be felt by some of the five felt. Soul: what permeia the body, something subtle that it is spread by all; it is cause of the movement of the body. It exists while it thinks (thought this that is distinct of imagining and feeling, or better, these last pendants of the first one), if to leave to think, leaves to exist 2 truth of the chain of reasons: it only exists while it thinks. Imagination: act to contemplate one definitive corporal figure of something, however, can be this analogous image to the dream or a chimera; this form of knowledge will not take it to know what it is really, to know its nature distinct.

If it affirms as a thing that thinks: that it doubts, that conceives, that it affirms, that denies, that it wants or it does not want, that imagines and feels. The corporal things are less passveis to be known that of the spirit. 11 the 18 Analysis of the things most common – wax Piece: it has all the characteristics of the bodies (form, odor, color, largeness, hardness). But after very esquentar it, dumb its previous configuration, he loses the odor, flavor, he modifies the form, he expands as for the largeness, one becomes liquid; but independent of all the transformation, is undeniable that one is the same wax of before.