The English film industry will be the first to suffer the consequences of the sweeping expansion of television in Europe. In 1947 the country had only 16,000 such receptors, the number of viewers in theaters was 1.462 million, ten years later, in 1957 the number had grown to 7,100,000 TV sets and viewers in cinemas exhibition had fallen to 915 million. Given this calamitous decline and unable to compete with American giants, British cinema is looking for new solutions and one of them will be to update the horror genre, this time spiced with the use of color, which will allow for creating color effects dark or enhance the drama of red blood, where they will excel the figure of Christopher Lee as a vampire sexy gothic-looking. While the “horror films” get there long lines at the entrances of cinemas, a youth group went into action creating the independent Free Cinema movement.Almost parallel to the Nouvelle Vague, triggered a series of events in Britain. Sight and Sound magazine in 1955 published an article by Penelope Houston, entitled “The undiscovered country” where going to report that British cinema does not reflect on that historic moment the contemporary scene. This aim we will seek to achieve three directors with their “free cinema, free movies, beyond any formal compulsion, moral or political, and with support from the British Film Institute.