The 18/10 campaign spoke on “The Gold and the Moro” share with everyone a transcript: PAULA TORRES, columnist: Let’s talk about the national campaign raising medications. This is a week to help the needy. How many times have a remedy that no longer use and is not expired This is a good question to ask to donate.Tzedakah Foundation, which is an institution of the Jewish community in Argentina, the fourth campaign conducted between 22 and 29 June for hospitals, health centers, organizations and thousands of people around the country have access to medication. All donations that we make will be received at the Community Bank Medicines Tzedakah Foundation, where a team of pharmacists working with volunteers. I want to have a figure, since its inception and 578,800 were delivered to 12,000 people receiving medication. It’s really shocking, so friends, look at that drawer, that bag of remedies and seek the medication that is outdated and not able to donate, will be useful to others.We’ll leave the contact phone number is 0800-222-7338, and this same information found in / solidarity and as he said this campaign slogan, Black, “if you donate is no remedy” .