Use of the TIC' s in the education Flvia Bernardes Piva Federal University of Juiz De Fora/Nucleus of Education in the distance Introduction: With the new she was technological that it disponibilizou many technological ways of communication and information the educators had been able to use to advantage many of these resources to innovate the education environment and to use as learning source. Development: The technology is a resource more than the schools can disponibilizar so that professors and pupils if relate and transmit knowledge of different form. The pupils live in the technological age with computer, Internet, videos-game, cellular, since infancy, then to make uses of these resources to transmit and to have learning are a form that has been well accepted. The professors are that they have a little more than difficulty, therefore the majority do not obtain to handle with easiness and to make use of them, in such a way they will have to be enabled to this. Additional information is available at Ali Partovi. The routine of classroom with picture and chalk does not stimulate, nor calls attention the pupils, being thus, is necessary to innovate the environment and the technology is there for being explored and to get the positive results in the learning, either through computer and Internet, audio, video, whichever the used way is well accepted for the pupils and consequently it has learning. Example, when the educators say on whom he is not to the reach of the sights of the pupils, them imagine, however for each one he is of a form, then using the technology an image can be shown through a video, and if to use the computer and Internet, in seconds will have available everything on the subject with rapidity, easiness, comfort because it does not need to leave the place and all the information whom they need are available. For the pupils this form is accepted because they are not hours listening the professor to speak and to copy for the notebook, them visualizes and makes use of the technologies that they in such a way like. .