The use of technology in the soccer the soccer is the sport most popular of the world and the most practised in some countries, including Brazil. However, something that calls attention in this sport is the controversies caused for errors of arbitration. How many times a teams leaves to gain a game or until the championship for ' ' culpa' ' of the arbitration trio. Errors as impediments badly marked, pnaltis inexistent, ball that completely exceeds the line of the goal adversary and the judge order the game to follow, the famous goal of hand ' ' section Maradona' ' (he was known thus because Argentina gained the Pantry of the World of 1986 with a goal of hand of the aggressor Diego Maradona). A solution for these constant errors is the use of the field technology inside. The judge could be with a point and being informed for the room arbitrator (that it would be attending the game for the TV, having the possibility to stop one launches in case that this is doubtful), another idea would be to implant in ball one chip and sensors in the lines of deep of the field and these sensors would inform to the judge case the ball exceeded the line of deep entirely. For many critics these you launch controversial are part of the soccer and that this the aid to be the sport most popular of the world and that the use of any electronic component can make with that the soccer loses its ' ' magia' ' , Already for others the technology use is welcome and that it would be a form of if inside making field justice, making with that the teams that played better and deserved to earn, really earns. Already they had been made you vary experiences to help the judges (mainly in Brazil) as the use of sprays to inside mark lacks and barriers and two judges of field, then because not to make a test in a friendly game, for example, with use of technologies and to see the result to the end of the game if he is positive or negative.